RF & AM Security Labels, Clothing Security Tags, and Retail Security Systems in the UK

Tag Shop UK offers a wide range of quality Electronic Article Surveillance (E.A.S.) devices at competitive rates. Our expansive range of anti-theft E.A.S. tagging solutions is compatible with most systems and products currently on the market. From clothing security tags and bottle lanyards to AM security labels and entire security systems, Tag Shop UK is a one stop shop for all retail security needs. Our highly competitive prices do not mean compromising on the quality of the E.A.S.

See below for a more detailed look at the security tags, AM security labels, and security systems on offer.

RF & AM Security Labels

When it comes to retail security, around 73% of retailers use Electronic Article Surveillance in the form of AM or RF security labels. The difference between RF (radio frequency) and AM (acousto magnetic) security labels is simply the frequency at which they operate. RF security tags are affordable, can be used as flat paper labels, and are widely available making them the preferred security system when it comes to retail security. While AM security labels offer a larger detection area, are less susceptible to electronic interference, and security tags and labels can be reused.

Clothing Security Tags

Clothing security tags are a vital part of Electronic Article Surveillance (E.A.S.) when it comes to retail security. The security tag is essentially a small signal transmitter that you put on clothing items and other merchandise you want to protect. A clothing security tag will signal to the E.A.S. antennas to make them alarm if someone tries to remove the item through the exit without paying/removing the tag. Security tags and E.A.S. technology is not new, and over the years it has proven to be the most reliable, high-functioning, and well tested form of retail security.

Retail Security Systems

Retail security is all about protecting business owners and their bottom line from being negatively affected by theft and loss through crime. At Tag Shop UK we stock the Thoonsen Full Security Tagging System, a top of the range security system with RF capabilities. The Thoonsen Tagging System offers better detection and limitation of false alarms compared to other retail security systems on the market. This system is easy to install, with a sleek design and antennae that can be personalised with your own business logo. We also offer full installation of this security system, and one of our engineers will happily run through the system functionality to make sure you’re getting the most out of your retail security system.

Still Unsure?

Do you know whether your system is AM or RF?

If you are unsure whether your system is AM or RF frequency, please get in contact with us and we will identify this for you remotely.


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