Tag Shop UK offers highly competitive prices on great quality Electronic Article Surveillance (E.A.S.) Our large cost-effective range of anti-theft E.A.S. tagging solutions is compatible with most systems/products on the market. For example:
  • CheckPoint RF
  • Sensormatic AM
  • Shopguard Systems AM/RF
  • The Tag Company AM/RF
  • Nedap RF
  • & many more!
With our products, you will not be sacrificing quality for low price. We keep our prices down to remain competitive, but they are NOT cheap substitutes.
  • First class ABS construction (not recycled plastic)
  • Super strong locks giving up to 45 kg plus pull factor
  • Excellent coils or ferrites for better pick-up
  • Beautiful finish for great presentation on goods
  • Grade one labels with only 3% tolerance to center frequency
Can’t find what you are looking for? We have many more designs so please email us on info@tagshopuk.com or use our contact page.
Choose Tag Shop UK and pay less to protect your products, with top quality tagging solutions and excellent service.
If you find cheaper give us a call and we will double the difference!