Full Security Tagging System


A simple, efficient security tagging system with RF capabilities. This bundle includes the following:

  • 2 Blackline 40 RF pedestals
    • Digital Radio Frequency System (RF 8.2 MHz) : better detection and limitation of false alarms. Easy to install and set up, self-maintenance.
    • Insertable advertising panel : personalise your antennas* with your logo. 
    • Sleek design : aluminium chassis to improve detection and antenna strength. Insulated base plate to limit interference.
    • Light and sound alarm : when an anti-theft tag passes through the system, red LEDs at the top of the antennas flash. You can adapt the alarm to the sound level in your shop.
    • Dimensions : Antenna : 156x40x3 cm - Base : 29x41x5 cm - Advertising panel : 125x32cm
  • 1 power supply
    • Capable of powering two pedestals.
    • Dimensions: 20x 10,5 x 5,5cm 

TagShopUK offers full installation of the system at a price of £350, with our engineer explaining the systems functions  ensuring you can maximise the potential of your solution. Alternatively to that, we can sell the system as a product only option. Please select which option you would like before adding to basket.

For more details email info@tagshopuk.com .

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