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RF Lanyard Security Tags - Pack of 20

Enhance the security of your retail store with our RF Lanyard Security Tags. Offered in packs of 20, these tags provide reliable anti-theft protection, especially for items where traditional tags aren't suitable
  • Ideal for the protection of high end garments, coats and handbags
  • Dimensions: 73.5*12*31.5mm
  • Packing: 20 Per Box
  • Lanyard length: 150cm
  • Frequency: 58KHz
  • Color: Black Alarm: Two alarms
  • Battery type: 2032
  • Battery life: 2 Years (Not Replaceable)

If you are unsure whether your system is AM or RF, please contact us, and we will identify this for you.

Sale price£97.81
RF Lanyard Security Tags - Pack of 25 - TagShopUK
RF Lanyard Security Tags - Pack of 20 Sale price£97.81