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Standard RF Security Tagging System - Full System

Introducing the Standard RF EAS Retail Security System – Affordable Protection for all industries!

Secure your shop without breaking the bank with our Standard RF EAS Retail Security System. Crafted with budget-conscious businesses in mind, this system provides essential theft deterrence to safeguard your merchandise.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Measures 167cm x 42cm x 2cm, seamlessly fitting into your store layout.
  • Effective Frequency: Powered by an 8.2MHz retail security system frequency for accurate detection.
  • Durable Build: Constructed from reliable aluminium alloy, ensuring longevity.
  • High Sensitivity: Detects subtle security tags, minimising losses.
  • Certified Quality: ISO, ROHS, CE, MSDS certified for dependable performance.


  • Affordable Security: Ideal for shops on a budget, providing cost-effective protection.
  • Enhanced Shopper Experience: Creates a secure shopping atmosphere for your customers.
  • Accurate Detection: Minimises false alarms while effectively identifying potential theft.
  • Long-Lasting: Built to endure the demands of bustling clothing shops.
  • Customisable: Embrace OEM options to integrate your brand seamlessly.

Target Audience: Tailored for budget-conscious shop owners who require reliable security without compromising on quality.

Upgrade your clothing shop's security with the Standard RF EAS Retail Security System. Prioritise protection and peace of mind for both your inventory and customers, all within your budget constraints.

** Advised to have installed by accredited engineer. No instruction manual available. **

Sale price£995.00
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Standard RF Security Tagging System - Full System - TagShopUK
Standard RF Security Tagging System - Full System Sale price£995.00